Table Decoration: Creative Ideas For Little Money

One thing should not be missing on every special occasion: a suitable table decoration. So that you too can amaze your guests, in this article we present a few creative ideas that you can implement at home with various materials.

Table decoration: creative ideas for little money

One thing should not be missing on a special occasion: a suitable table decoration. So that you too can amaze your guests, we present a few creative ideas in this article that you can implement at home with various materials.

The great thing about our tips: They are inexpensive, original and can be done quickly. You probably already have everything you need to decorate the table at home, so all you have to do is get to work.

Table decoration made easy

If you think that a beautiful table decoration can only be created with a lot of effort and effort, then we can calm you down: Below you will find some easy-to-implement ideas. Just choose the one you like best and use it for the next special moment with friends and family.

1. Watering can with flowers

A metal watering can , which you transform into a flower vase, lets every table shine in a different light. It is best to use large, colorful flowers for a country style.

Watering can with flowers

2. Mason jars with flowers and string

In the future, you shouldn’t throw away mason jars: if you fill them up with a little water and decorate them with a string on the top and a few flowers on the inside, you have a beautiful table decoration that is also very easy to create at the same time.

3. Table decoration in combination with the pantry

Are there piles of rice and seeds in your pantry? Then fill a bottle with these! For example, you can add the rice first and then add the seeds to vary with the colors. If you like it more colorful, flowers can also be used here again.

4. Flowers in the cup

Are you short on time, the guests will be there soon and the table decorations are still missing? Don’t panic: if you have to go very quickly, a bouquet of flowers in a pretty cup on the table also looks great.

Flowers in the cup as table decorations

5. Wine glass or cappuccino cup

Another option that is impressive is a wine glass or a cappuccino cup with a pretty bouquet of flowers in it minimalistic and fast.

6. Fruits to decorate

How about decorating the table with just different fruits ? The whole thing will take you a maximum of two minutes and is particularly suitable for the autumn season. Take a tray and spread the mandarin and pineapple slices and a few pine needles on it.

7. High heel shoes as table decorations

Do you still have a pair of high heels at home that you no longer wear? If so, fill them with roses and leaves. In no time you have conjured up a particularly original table decoration.

8. Bottles with flowers

From now on it is also important for bottles not to dispose of them immediately. With a little water and a few tall flowers you have a great table decoration that is suitable for every occasion.

Bottles with flowers as table decorations

9. Floating candles as table decorations

For a successful table decoration, no candles should of course be missing. Floating candles are best. Fill a mason jar with water, put flowers in this (try to dip them in the water) and put the candle on top of the surface.

10. Stones and candles

For this tip, too, you’ll need a mason jar or bottle with a wide opening. Fill the glass or bottle with stones. These can be colored or painted. Finally, a candle is placed in the middle. It can be big, small or fat, just as you like it.

11. Watermelon with flowers as a table decoration

Have you accidentally eaten a watermelon in the past few days? If so, don’t throw the bowl away! If you’ve hollowed them out for a recipe, you can decorate them with long flowers. If you have cut the shell into pieces, you can use this as well. Attach flowers with short stems to the melon skin and create an original flower boat in this way.

12. Flower vase with citrus fruits

Another great idea for which you only need what you already have at home is the following: Take a round flower vase, fill it with citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines or the like) and put flowers on top. The citrus fruits can be cut into slices for this.

Flower vase with citrus fruits

13. Wine glass with candle

This idea is particularly nice: all you need is a wine glass and a small candle. Turn the wine glass over and place the candle on the stem the romantic ambience is ready!

14. Straws as table decorations

Are there any different colored straws left over from the last children’s birthday party? Now they can finally be used. Take a regular or mason jar, measure it, and trim the straws to the same height. Then put flowers in the vessel and the straws around them. It’s best to try to cover the entire surface.

15. Bird cage with flowers

If you have an old bird cage around your home that you thought you would never use again, now is the time to do it. Fill it with flowers, although these can also reach through the grids. Leave the cage door open and your table decoration is ready as an ode to freedom.

16. Lemons and flowers

You probably haven’t thought of creating a table setting with lemons yet. Cut off the lower part of the peel so that the lemon can stand freely, but without touching the pulp. Then do the same with the other side, but this is where the pulp should be visible this time. Put a flower in this end and enjoy the special scent.

Lemons and flowers for the table decoration

17. Pears as table decorations

Take an oblong plate or, preferably, a tray and place pine needles and three or four pears on top. You can put the finishing touches on this idea with a few additional grapes.

18. Sticks and flowers

If you have children, they can perfectly involve them for this tip: First, sticks should be collected. Then arrange them in a wreath, put flowers in the middle and use string to make sure that everything holds.

Which of these table decorations do you like best? If you feel like it, you can try them all out little by little and surprise your guests with original and great ideas for the table!

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