The 8 Best Tricks For Beautiful Skin And Hair

Fitness exercises help to expel harmful substances and to supply the skin cells with more oxygen. Therefore, these are very healthy and also ensure a radiant appearance. 

The 8 best tricks for beautiful skin and hair

Skin and hair are our first calling card, but taking care of them is also important for our health.

If you take some time every day to care for your skin and hair and pay attention to a healthy diet, you can also prevent the premature  aging process. 

There are countless products and techniques for the beauty and care of skin and hair on the market. However, we recommend effective natural alternatives that can prevent problems and ensure a beautiful appearance.

Use cold water


While hot baths are pleasant and relaxing, they are not optimal for the health of skin and hair.

Hot water dries out the skin and destroys its natural oils, making the skin more prone to problems.

Cold water, on the other hand, acts like a natural tonic and is ideal for tightening the skin and maintaining the natural pH value of the hair.

Avoid direct sun exposure

Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can have serious consequences for our beauty and health, as UV rays often cause irreparable skin damage.

Burns and spots on the skin can be the result, if not treated appropriately, it could even lead to skin cancer.

If there is too much UV light, the hair loses its natural oils and is thus weakened. A consequence of this could be hair loss.

It is therefore important to use sunscreen and apply a regenerative treatment (apr├Ęs-sun cream, aloe vera …) after spending time in the sun.

Moisturize with coconut oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the best natural products for skin care: it moisturizes the skin and then promotes regeneration.

Coconut oil contains vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and antibiotic and antioxidant ingredients that nourish, repair and moisturize.

The regular use of coconut oil reduces the influence of free radicals and consequently protects against premature skin aging.

Balanced nutrition

Often we are not aware of this, but the  diet is reflected in both health and appearance.

A balanced diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and E, water, fiber and minerals also ensures a glowing appearance.

Consumption of saturated fat, sugar and flours does exactly the opposite and can also lead to chronic illnesses.

Drink fresh juices and smoothies


In terms of beauty and health, it is generally very important to support the organs that cleanse our body of harmful substances.

Fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies are packed with  nutrients and antioxidants that help detoxify, prevent disease, and improve the appearance of our skin and hair.

These are the most commonly used ingredients for this:

  • green leafy vegetables
  • Beetroot
  • carrot
  • Apple
  • Berry
  • lime
  • ginger
  • Strawberries

    Fitness exercises for beautiful skin and hair

    One of the best habits for maintaining health, beauty and looking young is fitness exercise. When you sweat, the body excretes toxins and supplies the cells with oxygen to repair them. This is also reflected in beautiful skin.

    Working out 30 minutes a day will help you get cleaner skin and stronger hair.

    Consume omega-3 fatty acids

    Omega-3 fats

    Omega-3 fatty acids cannot be made by the body, so it is important to get them through food.

    Omega 3 not only improves heart health, it also improves the condition of the skin and hair.

    If the body does not absorb enough of it, it can lead to hair loss and dry skin.

    These foods are high in omega 3:

    • Blue fish (salmon, trout, sardines etc.)
    • Seed oil
    • Sesame seeds and flax seeds
    • Dried fruit

    Drink water

    Water is one of the healthiest drinks for the body and it plays an important role in the beauty of the skin and hair. For both beauty and health, experts recommend drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

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