The Best Breakfast For Lots Of Energy

The best breakfast is generally one that provides you with enough energy to start the new day fit, alert and productive.

The best breakfast for a lot of energy

A breakfast that consists of just a cup of coffee may wake you up, but it may not power your batteries. It is important to start the day with a lot of energy so as not to be literally burned out and exhausted in the afternoon.

Why you have to recharge your batteries in the morning

A balanced breakfast is the most important and best way to start every new day full of energy and productivity. Statistically speaking, people who eat breakfast regularly are leaner than those who skip breakfast.

How can that be? Don’t you get extra energy, in this case calories, with an extra meal?

This is because the body is forced to run in “emergency mode” without breakfast and does not, as is often claimed, fall back on its fat reserves, but runs on an absolute back burner.

The hunger that has accumulated over the day due to reduced calorie intake is unfortunately far too often “compensated” for by taking small snacks in between meals or a dinner that is too lavish because of hunger. The daily calorie intake is therefore higher, despite a skipped breakfast!

For an energetic breakfast, limit yourself to just five simple and important food groups:

Muesli for a lot of energy

Cereal products

The most important fuel for our muscle engine is and will remain carbohydrates. In the morning “the tank is empty” and it is important to refill the “tank” with a lot of energy before setting off on the “autobahn” of everyday life with the muscle motor.

The carbohydrates with which our muscle motor can do something in the long term are of course not those from sugar, but the carbohydrates that are found in cereal products : in bread, muesli, breakfast cereals, cereal porridge and pastries.

Yogurt and cereals for a lot of energy


The body actually only needs carbohydrates, protein and fat to generate energy in order to be optimally supplied with everything. We don’t have to worry about the fat in our food, the average German person consumes too much of it. However, protein is important and should “not be forgotten” at breakfast.

Milk or soy products are ideal here, for example milk or yoghurt with muesli, a low-fat herbal quark on bread or lean cheese or sausage and ham and occasionally an egg.

If you don’t want any animal protein sources, you can use plant-based alternatives, but you should pay attention to their protein content, because not all plant-based “dairy products” are as rich in protein as animal ones!

Fruit for a lot of energy

Fruit Vegetable

Obviously it would be easy to get that breakfast portion of fruits and vegetables in the form of industrially manufactured juices, but it is always better to eat fruits and vegetables in their most natural form to ensure that the vitamins and minerals they contain are also good can be optimally absorbed by the body.

If you don’t have time for freshly squeezed juices, you can quickly cut an apple into muesli, a tomato, cucumber slices or radish onto cheese or quark bread, or use a hand blender to quickly puree a banana or soft fruit into a smoothie or milk mix.

Muesli with a lot of energy


In order for us to stay full and full of energy for a long time after a balanced breakfast, the fiber content of the meal must be high. The blood sugar level rises only slowly, little insulin is released and the drop in blood sugar level after digestion is flat and therefore gentle and gentle on the organism.

Fiber is the indigestible part of our food. They not only ensure a favorable course of the blood sugar level, but also a healthy digestion, resulting in a good stool volume and they should be helpful in the prevention of colon cancer.

Studies also suggest that a high-fiber breakfast can even lower cholesterol.

The dietary fiber contained in breakfast “scrubs” the cholesterol from the intestinal villi in the digestive tract from, for example, high-cholesterol dinner, and ensures that not too much cholesterol from dinner can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Fiber is found in all whole grain products and fruits and vegetables.

Woman drinks coffee for a lot of energy


Depending on the ambient temperature and humidity , the body loses up to one liter of water through sweat and breath during sleep. It is therefore important not only to ventilate the bed and bedroom in the morning, but also to replenish the fluid lost at breakfast. A “symbolic” cup of coffee in the morning is not enough, however, it should be more!

It is advisable to consume at least half a liter of additional liquid for breakfast.

It is ideal to use it to integrate other of the five important breakfast ingredients. A smoothie, for example, has three ingredients: fruit, liquid and fiber. If the smoothie with milk or yogurt turns into a mixed milk drink, the fourth ingredient is already “in the box” or in the stomach. All that’s missing is some toast or a wholemeal bread roll and breakfast is perfect quickly and you start the day with a lot of energy.

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