The Hair Dryer: An Important Household Appliance!

The most important function of your blow dryer is, of course, to dry your hair. However, with a few tricks, this home appliance can make your life easier in many ways.

The hair dryer: an important household appliance!

You’ve probably used your blow dryer not only for blow-drying your hair, but also for other things. This heat source is actually one of the most important household appliances and can solve many small problems.

There are undoubtedly a thousand tricks you can use your hair dryer around the house. Today we’re going to introduce you to five of them. Take care if you don’t know them yet!

This makes your hair dryer one of the most important household appliances

Trick number 1: peel off stickers and labels

Detach sticker
The heat makes it easier to remove the labels from the plastic.

Pointing the blow dryer at a sticker or label will make it easier to peel it off. To do this, set the heat to the lowest level and point the hairdryer directly at the sticker that you want to remove. You will see that it can be easily pulled off afterwards.

Trick number 2: remove dust and dirt from the keyboard

The hair dryer can remove dust and dirt from the gaps between the keyboard, i.e. leftovers, dust, lint etc. The gaps between the keys on your computer are a real paradise for annoying germs and dust.

Just keep in mind that you have to use cold air to do this and you should keep the hair dryer at a safe distance. Don’t forget to unplug the keyboard to ensure your safety.

Trick number 3: clean a tarnished mirror with the hairdryer

Clean the bathroom mirror with the hairdryer
Without edges and leftovers. You can easily remove steam from mirrors with the hair dryer.

The mirror is often fogged up after a hot shower. In order not to leave any marks on the mirror, you can simply blow-dry it so that it becomes free again. This is very quick and does not leave any marks on the glass.

Trick number 4: remove the colored pencil from the walls

Child paints wall
With the warm air from the hair dryer, colors can be removed from the walls.

The hair dryer can also be used to remove wax stains from candles on wood. So if you like having candles on the table and some wax dripping down every now and then, you don’t have to worry.

First, set the hair dryer to the lowest heat setting (carefully so that the wax does not get too hot) and you will see that the wax can be easily removed. You can also avoid scratches on the wood. When you’ve removed the wax, clean the surface well.

Trick number 5: remove the cake from the baking pan

Remove the cake from the baking pan with the hairdryer
The heat will help loosen cakes from the baking pan.

Have you ever seen on a cooking show that the pastry can be easily removed from the mold with the help of a special blower? In your case, you can use a blow dryer on a low setting to easily remove your cake or sponge cake from the baking pan.

If you used aluminum foil instead of the baking pan, you can use the same trick. Set the hairdryer on a low setting so your cake will keep its shape.

There are many more tricks you can use to use the hairdryer. You probably have a few tips in store yourself. However, you should always pay attention to some safety precautions:

  • Never set the hair dryer on the highest setting.
  • Don’t use it on liquids that can splash (remember, it’s an electrical device).
  • Never direct hot air at other household electrical appliances.
  • Do not point the blow dryer at fabric for too long, or it may start to burn.

What other tips can you think of?

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