These 8 Habits Are Harmful To Hair

In this article we will show you the most common habits that affect the health of your hair. We’ll also give you tips on how to avoid them.

These 8 habits are harmful to hair

If you want strong and shiny hair, there are a few maintenance tips to follow. Because certain bad habits in everyday life damage the hair.

In this article, we’ll show you the most common habits that affect the health of your hair. We’ll also give you tips on how to avoid them.

Namely, some bad habits can cause serious damage to your hair. They lead to dehydration, lack of nutrients, and other long-term problems, among other things.

Many people overlook the fact that there is a lot they can do to keep their hair beautiful and silky. Also, we don’t think that our everyday habits can have an impact. However, in them, the hair is very harmful .

In the following we introduce you to 8 habits that you should better avoid – for the sake of your hair!

These habits harm the hair

1. Smoking

Woman while smoking

Smoking cigarettes regularly isn’t just bad for your lungs. It also causes toxins to get into your bloodstream. As a result, skin and hair suffer, among other things.

The toxins in the blood build up and prevent the hair follicles from functioning properly.

This can lead to increased hair loss and reduced hair growth.

2. Stress

Stress damages the hair

Stress has a direct impact on your emotional health. It can lead to physical and mental disorders.

In addition, stress weakens the hair.

Hair loss is common in people who suffer from stress. In addition, dandruff on the scalp and gray hair appear more often and earlier.

3. Tie up wet hair

wet hair

Many women have a habit of tying their hair in a braid when it is wet.

This may seem harmless at first, but in the long run it damages the hair a lot.

Wet hair and a wet scalp are sensitive and particularly prone to fungal growth and dandruff. It is therefore important that the hair is given enough time to dry.

In some cases, this habit can also lead to hair loss because it weakens the hair roots.

4. Wash hair too hot

hot shower

When it’s cold, a really hot shower is sometimes good. But if you do this too often, you can do a lot of damage to your hair.

This is because high temperatures open the pores of the scalp and can damage the hair follicles.

After several hot showers, there may be a change in sebum production and the hair may dry out.

5. Too much sun

Sun on your hair

Just like your skin, you should protect your hair from the effects of UV rays. You won’t see the damage immediately, but the sun’s rays can cause lasting damage to the hair.

If you spend a long time in the sun without protection, hair loses strength and elasticity.

Therefore, you should wear a hat in the midday sun if possible to keep the effects of UV rays low.

6. Hair dryer, straightener and curling iron

Blow dry and straighten

Without a doubt, there are techniques you can use to achieve your desired style in no time. However, if you often use a blow dryer, straightening iron or curling iron, this can damage your hair in the long run.

The heat damages the protective layer that surrounds your hair. The internal structure of the hair is also changed.

The result is dry hair, split ends and other problems that make the hair look lifeless and brittle.

7. Artificial hair color


A new hair color can completely change the look. In the beginning, hair looks fresh and shiny after dyeing. But what happens if you use artificial hair dye regularly?

Artificial hair colors use aggressive chemical processes that are initially used to lighten the hair. Over time, this can damage the hair structure.

You should therefore not use lightening hair color more than four times a year. Be sure to go to the hairdresser because they know which color is best for your hair.

8. Scratching the scalp

Some people have a habit of scratching their scalp more often during the day. Sometimes this is due to stress or an unbalanced pH value of the skin.

The problem with this habit is that it negatively affects the cells of the hair roots. Frequent scratching can cause lasting damage to the roots.

If you have severe dandruff or a skin condition, it is important to see a doctor.

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