Tips Against Daytime Sleepiness

Some people make the mistake of drinking coffee to stay wide awake during the day and avoid drowsiness, which creates addiction. You should definitely avoid this.

Tips against daytime sleepiness

If you are constantly tired and yawning at work, you may want to change some of your daily habits. Here you will find various tips with which you can prevent daytime sleepiness . .. without coffee!

How can you prevent daytime sleepiness?

Your eyelids slowly close without you noticing, and your coordination and focus start to deteriorate. In these cases, it’s best to take a nap, but you don’t always get the chance.

To avoid such situations, you should change some of your daily habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle.  Implement the following tips in your everyday life.

1. Water, water and more water

Water against daytime sleepiness

If you find yourself falling asleep in the middle of a meeting, it’s best to have a full glass of water. Perhaps your body is going into sleep mode because it needs fluids.

In addition, if you come home after work and have several things to do, we recommend the following: Take a cold shower (as cold as possible) to activate your circulation and wake you up.

Hot water will only make you more tired and sleepy. If you can’t shower right now, wash your face with cold water.

2. Improve the quality of your sleep

sufficient sleep against daytime sleepiness

Of course, it is logical that the quality and duration of sleep must be sufficient to prevent daytime sleepiness. Nevertheless, there is often a lack of it, which means that you get up tired and listless.

You should also keep in mind that  excessive sleep is  completely useless on the weekend, on vacation or during the holidays.  Fatigue is cumulative, but rest is not.  In fact, this excess of sleep can be counterproductive and make you feel more sleepy.

3. Open the window

Open the window wide if you are tired during the day

The wake-sleep cycle is regulated by daylight, so you should stay in rooms with natural daylight whenever possible.

It’s simple: when your body perceives light, it realizes that it needs to go about its activities. When it gets dark, the time for relaxation, rest and sleep comes.

We du nn at work no window near you have,  you can trick your brain with white light.

4. Eat an apple

Apples against daytime sleepiness

However, there are other foods that will perk you up. How about a delicious apple? Because this fruit contains a lot of water, it prevents dehydration. Biting and chewing will perk your brain! Don’t forget: an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

5. Lose weight

Lose weight against daytime sleepiness

When you are overweight it is normal to feel tired. This happens because the extra pounds put pressure on the heart and lungs. This does not mean that thin people have more energy, but that overweight people get tired faster.

Do your body a favor and lose some weight.

6. An interesting conversation can also perk you up!

A conversation against daytime sleepiness

An interesting conversation with different points of view will perk you up very quickly and make you forget your daytime sleepiness. There are many topics to discuss with friends: football, politics, economics, or whatever comes to mind.

The brain needs to stay active in order to respond to the other person. In this way you can overcome your daytime sleepiness and then  continue to work with greater concentration. 

7. Listen to music

Music against daytime sleepiness

Certain tunes have the ability to wake you up automatically and make you move your feet under your desk. Music activates the brain, which  improves concentration, mood,  and memory  .  Music also helps against daytime sleepiness!

If you can’t listen to the radio loudly, you can still enjoy music on your phone with headphones from time to time (without anyone noticing).

8. Move!

Exercise against daytime tiredness

Sitting in the same position for hours makes you feel sleepy and lethargic. It’s easy to get up from your desk from time to time  and take a little stroll around  the office. Instead of sending an email to your colleague on another floor, you can give them the message in person.

You can also go to a nearby park during lunch. You can also take  the stairs instead of the elevator  if you need to get something. This will help activate your blood circulation and wake you up.

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