Tips Against Nail Biting

Aloe Vera can prevent nail biting due to its unpleasant taste. Simply rub it into your fingernails every morning to resist the temptation.

Tips against nail biting

While many claim the opposite, nail biting is not just a matter of nervousness or neglect. This habit can have a psychological background, often a childhood trauma behind it.

Nail chewing, also known as onychophagia, has serious implications not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also on health.

There are viruses and bacteria under your fingernails that can get into your mouth. Not only do you catch diseases, but you can also permanently damage your nails, teeth and gums.

But don’t worry, with a little skill, a strong will and 10 tricks you will soon have beautiful and healthy nails again.

What is the trigger for nail biting?

Nails are primarily formed from dead keratinized cells and serve a variety of functions. They are even used in the application of string instruments, as they produce a characteristic sound.

The habit of biting off your nails can easily begin with putting your fingers in your mouth, as is common with children.

While nail biting is not yet considered a disease in itself, it is mostly caused by psychological problems that often need treatment. There are two different types of triggers:

  • Internal causes: Changes in the nervous system or emotional maladjustment caused by family trauma, abuse, jealousy, humiliation, problems with self-esteem, need for self-flagellation or self-punishment. The habit goes on for many years or the person concerned chews their nails off in such a way that it could be classified as self-harm.
  • External causes: Fear or nervousness caused by everyday problems such as relationship problems, exams, financial problems or problems in the work environment. The person can control himself.

    You might think that a little nervousness is normal and that the nails will grow back anyway. But be careful! Onychophagia has far more difficult effects than you can imagine.

    Nail biting: permanent damage

    The hands reflect the health and safety of a person: Well-cared for and clean hands make an excellent impression everywhere. Hence, nail biting has health, emotional and social implications.

    Health and beauty

    • The nails are carriers of a wide variety of germs which, when they come into contact with the mouth, enter the digestive tract through saliva and thus cause diseases.
    • The damage to the cuticles and skin of the fingers leads to bacterial and viral infections of the hands.
    • The fingers can be deformed and in some cases the nail never grows back.
    • Chronic inflammation of the fingers.
    • Increased caries incidence due to tooth damage.

    Emotional level

    • Afraid of the appearance of the hands
    • low self-esteem
    • Lack of self-control

    Social level

    • The person concerned can feel rejected by society.
    • Effects on personal relationships.
    • Problems At Work: Interview Rejections.

    As you can see, stopping this vice is highly recommended . Then you’ll find 10 simple tips and tricks to help you quit nail biting faster. Start implementing it today!

    10 tips to stop biting your nails

    This is not about complicated treatments or nail products that could harm you. If you integrate these simple tips into your everyday life and work with a strong will and a lot of perseverance, you will achieve your goal quickly.

    Tip 1: self-confidence and liberation

    First of all, you should observe in which situations you have made nail biting a habit. The compulsion can also be expressed by touching or scratching the nails, some even stick their fingers in their mouths all the time.

    The second step is to identify when exactly this habit occurs, for example during exams, before difficult decisions, etc. The third and final step is to choose activities that will avoid this type of stress and keep your hands busy.

    It should be activities that you enjoy doing, such as exercising, dancing, playing instruments, or writing. This way you control your fear and stop damaging your nails.

    Tip 2: replace with plants

    Start chewing edible plants like licorice root (slowly). This way you avoid biting your nails as your mouth is busy elsewhere. It is important to carry the plant with you in times of stress. This will also help you focus better.

    Tip 3: sugar-free chewing gum

    chewing gum

    It is a good idea to chew gum or mints when you have an uncontrollable need to eat your nails.

    This variant has a three-fold beneficial effect, your hands will be busy, you have fresh breath and avoid the formation of wrinkles in this area by moving the jaw muscles.

    Tip 4: aloe vera

    The aloe vera plant or also called aloe has many good properties for your health, but it is not very digestible. Use a knife to peel an aloe leaf and cut the pulp into small squares.

    Put the plate in the refrigerator and rub a cube on your nails every morning. You’ll keep your nails far from your mouth if you don’t like the taste of the aloe vera.

    Tip 5: training in self-control

    This exercise will help you control the urge to bite your nails:

    1. Bring a finger to your mouth and stop 2 inches from your lips.
    2. Remove the finger again.
    3. Repeat the process several times and then let the distance get smaller and smaller.
    4. Try to hold your finger between your teeth for a few minutes without biting the nail. Then repeat the process.

    Do this exercise for a few minutes every day and you will soon be surprised by the results.

    Tip 6: artificial fingernails


    If you have your fingernails covered with acrylic, your natural fingernails can grow and you prevent nail biting. If you get expensive nails done, you will surely do everything possible to prevent ruining the work of art.

    Tip 7: plasters for the nails

    Cover your nails with plasters daily (you can change the plasters after every shower). After a while, when you take the patch off, you will see how wonderfully and healthy the nails grow back. Repeat the process as many times as necessary.

    Tip 8: Find a new hobby

    When you discover a new passion, you will forget about nail biting. You can redecorate your home, learn to knit, run, or do other outdoor activities.

    You might even be interested in pampering your girlfriends with a manicure. Working with materials like clay and plaster of paris is highly advisable as it will keep your hands dirty.

    Tip 9: gloves

    If you’re a glove fan, wear these too. This is also a good help to avoid nail biting.

    Tip 10: celebrate your success

    Celebrate your nails, don’t be afraid to say how different they look during your recovery phases. Compliments from friends and family will help you keep taking care of your fingernails to keep them beautiful and healthy.

    It costs more skill than strength

    Now you know many different ways to get onychophagy out of your life. Do not be intimidated, because step by step you will reach your goal.

    It’s a matter of intelligence and will. Then choose the tricks that seem best to you to avoid nail biting, so your hands are healthy and have a great presence.

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