Waxing Wooden Floors : 4 Tips

Wooden floors require very special care. Today we’re going to show you different ways to make your wooden floor shine. 

Growing wooden floors: 4 tips

Correct care of a wooden floor takes time, but today we will show you various tricks with which you can wax your  wooden floor  and make it shine without any problems.

If you neglect your floors, they’ll get dull and stained over time. You have to wax the wooden floor so that it is protected from moisture and other hazards and there are no cracks or deformations.

What is the best way to treat a wooden floor so that it stays beautiful for as long as possible? Not only can you use classic floor wax, there are other options that serve the same purpose.

Today we’re going to show you different ways you can wax your wooden floor so that it stays clean and shines beautifully.

Which products can you use to wax a wooden floor?

There are many different products for wooden floors on the market. The classic floor wax can be very useful, but depending on the wood, other products may also be necessary.

Grow wooden floor

If the wooden floor is not varnished, or if it is a cork or linoleum floor,  liquid wax or oil is preferable. However, these products are not suitable for a vinyl floor with a polyurethane wear layer.

Various home remedies can be used for any wood surface that you want to shine. Then you will find out how you can best use the various products. 

How can I wax my wooden floor?

Once you have chosen the right product, you can follow the steps below to use it.

1. Liquid wax and oil

  • First, clean the wooden floor thoroughly to remove dirt and dust.
  • Moisten a soft cotton cloth with the liquid wax or oil and rub it into the floor evenly.
  • Once  the product is dry, you can buff it with a clean cloth. You can of course use a polishing machine instead.
Grow wooden floor

2. Water-based silicone polish

  • Sweep the floor and clean it thoroughly.
  • Then moisten a cloth with the product.
  • The  polish on the wood floor, apply and prevent it created bubbles.
  • As soon as the floor is dry, use a clean cloth or polisher to make the floor shine.
  • After each shift you have to wait until the floor is completely dry!

3. Wax paste

  • Vacuum or sweep the floor before applying the product.
  • Once the floor is clean and dry, rub the paste on the floor with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Follow the instructions for the product.
  • Then let it dry and polish with a clean cloth or a polishing machine.
  • If the floor appears a little cloudy, the wax is dry. 

4. Recipe with wax and turpentine

If you’d rather use a home remedy to grow the soil, you can easily make this with just two ingredients. This will make your floor shine wonderfully.

This  home remedy is free from harmful chemicals  and is suitable for wooden floors and wooden furniture. You can also use it to repair dull areas, scratches or stains.


  • ¼ grated beeswax (50 g)
  • ¼ cup turpentine (62 mL)


  • Melt the beeswax in a water bath.
  • As soon as it is liquid, stir with a wooden stick and slowly add the turpentine.
  • After you get a homogeneous mixture, you can take the product off the stove.
  • Let it stand for a moment and let it cool down a bit. Then you can fill it into a jar with a screw cap.

Note: If you are bothered by the turpentine smell, you can add a few drops of essential oil to cover it up a little. 


  • Thoroughly clean the wooden floor, then apply the necessary amount of wax with a cloth.
  • Then polish with a microfiber cloth so that the floor shines.

Choose the most suitable product for your floor to protect it and make it shine. The method of application is practically always the same, even if the products are different. 

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