What Do Feet Reveal About Our Health?

Ball toes can indicate problems with the spine. A massage on the inside of the feet, in turn, has a positive effect on the back.

What do feet reveal about our health?

Do feet reveal anything about the state of health? With the help of our feet we can recognize the condition of our organs, read various diseases and in some cases even prevent them.

The temperature, the color and the callus, the balls of the feet, the shape of the toes, etc. are important here. In the following, we will explain how you can interpret various signs. What do feet reveal ?

In a somewhat simplified way, the toe area corresponds to the head and the heel area to the feet.  The nerve endpoints on the feet are also connected to an organ or organ system.

If a point feels hard, the corresponding organ is also “hard”. This harshness is due to the physical and mental rigidity of the affected area.


The reflex of the vertebral acid

The spine is reflected on the inner side of our feet.  For example, if a person has problems with the balls of their feet, it is very likely that there is also pain in the upper back and neck.

We can massage the inner side of the foot to ease the discomfort. This will also have a positive effect on our back.

Moving the bowel

The reflection of the intestine is on our heel.  Cracks or calluses on the heels can be an indication of a disorder in the intestine.

In this case too, massages on the heels are recommended. Since this zone is a little harder, a ball can also be used for the massage.

What do feet reveal? – The middle zone of the foot

The middle zone of the feet corresponds to the whole digestive system. Liver, stomach, pancreas and bile. If this middle zone of our feet feels hard, it is possible that there are gallstones or urinary stones, for example.

The color of the feet

A yellowish color on the feet always corresponds to the liver or gall bladder.  A greenish color, on the other hand, stands for our bile and the lymphatic system. Therefore, the color can also help us to classify our complaints.

If we fail to notice these clues, toxins can build up over time and cause cysts, which can be dangerous in the long term.

The toes represent our head

The toes reflect the upper part of our body, although there are a few exceptions.

If you feel hardness in the second smallest toe or a hardening occurs on the underside, our bladder is usually  not working properly. If you have been suffering from stones for a long time, this toe is usually very rigid, crooked and painful.

On the other hand  , we also often suffer from stones when the big toe has assumed a crooked shape and leans against the neighboring toe.

In these cases it is important that we cleanse our bodies and take good care of our diet so that we can get rid of the toxins. It is also advisable to take appropriate dietary supplements.


What do feet reveal? – Cold feet

If our feet are often cold (the same thing often happens to our hands), it is a sign that our body is out of balance.

Usually  our digestive system is overworked and there is something called an intestinal fever.

In this case, we need to pay more attention to our diet to support the bowel functions. We can also take foot baths with warm water and massage our feet with ginger oil to keep them nice and warm.

Do feet reveal gout attacks?

If the big toe and ankle are slightly red, swollen, or painful,  the trigger may be a gout attack, which is an excess of uric acid in our body.

To protect the important organs, the organism automatically tries to keep toxins away. This is why some of these attach themselves to the hands and feet.

Final remark

A walk barefoot over sand, fresh grass, through a river or over wet earth is good for us and very healthy. 

Our whole body gets going. The functions of our organs come back into balance and a walk is also an excellent therapy against stress.

Foot beach

Also  massage on the feet are of course highly recommended, while the reflex zones are considered best.

From time to time you should see a foot specialist. This helps us to prevent diseases. The treatment should then last at least a few months so that we can achieve good results.

Pictures by M Robinson, HeyDanielle and Rogiro

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