What The Color Of Urine Can Reveal

If you are healthy and drink enough water, the color of urine is light. If it is dark, you should see a doctor.

What the color of urine can reveal

This topic is not one of the most pleasant, and most people don’t bother with it for long. However, doctors emphasize the importance of the color of urine  . The color can indicate a wrong diet or various diseases. 

Urine is made up of water and other substances. If disturbances occur in the organism, the color of the urine can change. This may be due to diet, inflammation, or certain medications, among other things.

One should pay attention to these color changes. In this article you will learn more about this topic for the benefit of your health.

What does the color of urine say about health?

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The urine is filtered through the kidneys and then arrives in the bladder as a mixture of water and toxins to be excreted.  

The amount of urine varies depending on the diet and the individual body mechanisms of a person (e.g. sweating or breathing). The color depends on the following factors.

Clear color

A clear urine color is a good sign. It shows that the organism is supplied with sufficient fluids. When you drink a lot, the kidneys filter the urine with ease so the shade is light. As I said, a good sign.

Intense yellow tone


An intense yellow tone  indicates a lack of fluids and that the kidneys are overloaded. It also means that too many toxins have built up in your body and you need to drink more. So it’s not really bad yet.

However, the color can also indicate that you’ve sweated a lot, whether it’s from physical work or exercise, so you should drink urgently.

Dark yellow

You should be careful here, because a dark yellow shade is a clear sign that an urgent doctor’s visit is due. Intense yellow indicates a problem with the liver, such as jaundice.

See if your skin is yellow too. Usually jaundice is accompanied by many other noticeable symptoms that should be noticed immediately.

Red-brown color

Kidney stones

This color is often a sign of a kidney problem. It may be an inflammation in which small traces of blood appear in the urine. 

It is also possible that a kidney stone is forming and that your urethra has already been affected, or the stone may have even penetrated your bladder.

A reddish brown color is very characteristic of this clinical picture. If it is a kidney problem, you will also feel pain. 

Orange urine

This shade is not quite as “normal”, but it can happen. Where does the orange color in urine come from? This may be an excess of vitamin C that is  excreted by the kidneys.

If you have this color, it is best to reduce fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C for about five days, but not to completely eliminate them from the menu.

Bluish urine


Surprised? Bluish urine could be an excess of calcium or a bacterial infection. This is especially common in people who take vitamin supplements.

The excess can lead to mild poisoning that negatively affects the organism. You should therefore pay close attention to the effects of medication and dietary supplements and contact your doctor immediately if there are any changes.

Reddish color

Urinary tract infection

Red or reddish urine can indicate two things; if there is blood in the urine, it could be serious. In this case, you should get a medical examination as soon as possible.

It could be a bladder or kidney problem. Only a thorough investigation can reveal this.

The second reason is completely harmless. If you eat a lot of beets, beetroot, berries, blackberries, or even products with a lot of food coloring, the urine can be reddish in color.

However, if the urine is red for a long time, you should see your doctor and let them know.

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