Whitening Teeth: Overview Of Different Methods

There are different methods to keep your teeth shiny and white. Gels, specific toothpaste, or dental treatment can help a lot. It is always important to get detailed advice from the dentist. 

Teeth whitening: overview of different methods

In our modern society, appearance is extremely important, so many are looking for ways to whiten their teeth to achieve the perfect smile. With specific treatments, the natural shade can be lightened by 2 to 4 shades. If you want to whiten your teeth , read on. Today we explain to you the different options.

The different methods have advantages and disadvantages,  but they have improved a lot in recent years  (the concentration, the pH value and the type of application).

Factors such as age, poor hygiene, tobacco, foods with dyes, certain drugs or drinks (such as coffee or red wine) stain teeth over time and can also cause stains. However, when teeth whitening is concerned, many are concerned about increased sensitivity and demineralization of tooth enamel. 

Whiten teeth

Whiten teeth
Teeth whitening should be done under specialist supervision to avoid problems such as increased sensitivity.

Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is used to whiten teeth. These chemicals chemically alter tooth enamel and remove stains and discoloration.

There are more and more bleaching products available on the market with baking soda, activated charcoal or other whitening substances, which can, however, increase  the sensitivity of the teeth,  as the application is not supervised by an expert.

Teeth whitening, like other dental treatments, can lead to  various side effects, such as increased sensitivity or radicular reabsorption,  if not carried out correctly. That is why it is very important to always have your teeth whitened by a dentist.

Teeth whitening: what methods are there?

Teeth whitening with gel

Whiten teeth with gel
The bleaching with light-sensitive gel is done at the dentist and achieves very good results.

The dentist works with a specific gel for whitening the teeth that can be activated with a whitening lamp. However, before the application, the expert will check the condition of the teeth to make sure that this treatment can be carried out without risk. 

The dentist isolates the teeth and applies the gel (with or without light) directly to the teeth. He oversees the entire process to prevent the increased sensitivity.

Teeth whitening: Use dentist-recommended whitening at home

Teeth whitening: Use dentist-recommended whitening at home
In this case, the dentist prescribes the whitening gel, but the patient applies it at home.

Since this treatment is not done under the direct supervision of the dentist, the prescribed gel is less concentrated to avoid damaging the gums or lips. The dentist makes a special splint adapted to the patient and explains the exact procedure. The patient then applies the gel to their teeth at home and then inserts the splint, which they leave in their mouth for a certain period of time.

Commercially available products for whitening teeth

Commercially available products for whitening teeth 
There are various tooth whitening products available on the market, but the risk of irritation and tooth sensitivity is greater because this treatment is not supervised by a specialist.

You can find a wide variety of bleaching products in stores that many use successfully. However, in this case there is no medical supervision of the application. Incorrect use could result in increased tooth sensitivity or irritation of a nerve or gum tissue. It is important to use these products correctly to prevent damage.

Final remark

Whiten teeth
If you have any questions or doubts, you should definitely seek advice from a dentist!

Teeth whitening  enables the perfect smile that you long for, but the side effects must not be forgotten. It is therefore advisable to always consult a dentist. He can decide which method is best in your case.

If you use off-the-shelf products at home, you will never get the same results as you would at a specialized dental clinic. Do not forget that the teeth and the whole mouth area are very important for health and therefore need proper care every day. 

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