You Can Do That For Your Ideal Weight!

If you have an ideal weight, you reduce your health risk immensely and exclude all kinds of health risks from the outset.

You can do that for your ideal weight!

Statistically speaking, people of ideal weight are healthier and live longer. This does not mean that an ideal weight automatically extends life, but that people with healthy habits often have ideal weights. Find out what you can do for it!

What is your personal ideal weight?

It seems as if the term “ideal weight” can be stretched widely. Sometimes this refers to the weight, which is calculated using complex formulas from height and age, or is also given with the body mass index BMI.

But not every body is the same and the BMI is often a misleading value, especially for muscular people, which leads to misinterpretations. In order to find your personal ideal weight, you should learn a different approach: that of the optimal body composition!

Your exact body composition can be determined using bio-impedance analysis (BIA measurement). You will find out how much body fat, muscles and water you have in your body and what these values ​​should ideally look like for you.

How does the BIA measurement work

The principle of a BIA measurement is similar to that of the body fat cart: On one side of the body, electrodes are stuck to the hand and foot, through which a small current is then passed through the body.

You don’t notice anything, but the device connected to the electrodes measures the electrical resistance, which varies depending on the body composition.

A special computer program then uses other data from you to calculate your exact body composition , such as gender, height, weight and age  .

This is the only way you can know whether you have an “ideal weight”, because the bathroom scales never show you whether your weight is only too high due to water retention or whether your weight loss is based on lost muscle mass and not on the loss of body fat.

Find out which nutritional counseling service near you carries out the BIA measurement! This is the only way to find out how your body is optimally composed and what your “ideal weight” looks like!

Everything else that is given to you as an ideal weight is nothing but a rough estimate or even gross nonsense. Here’s what you can do for your ideal weight:

Diet yes or no?

The first and most important piece of advice for your ideal weight is not to diet. Does that surprise you? Well … with a crash diet you primarily lose muscle mass and water, which is bound to the glycogen stored in the muscle mass (and liver).

The scales are falling – but quickly racing up again after the crash diet. This has nothing to do with ideal weight.

This is because after a crash diet you usually eat similarly to what you did before the crash diet. However, this is even more too much on the now reduced muscle mass than before the crash diet.

Crash diets are therefore not a way to lose weight permanently. On the contrary: they normally lead to an increase in body weight and not to ideal weight. Seen in the long term.

Woman and man with ideal weight

Cook yourself

Basically avoid ready meals from the freezer, fresh food counter, canteen or restaurant. You only have full control over what you eat if you put every single ingredient in the saucepan – and thus in your mouth – yourself.

Provided, of course, that you have some basic knowledge of healthy eating and apply this when cooking.

Do you avoid finished products,

  • you avoid unnecessarily high amounts of fat at the same time (because fat is a cheap flavor carrier),
  • reduce your sugar consumption (because many finished products contain hidden sugar) and
  • automatically lower your calorie intake.

But this only works under one condition: that you cook yourself without sugar and with only a few, but healthy, vegetable fats. That means: little cheese, cream, butter and sausage, lots of fruit, vegetables and whole grain products. No “fix products”, no cans, no convenience products. This is how you maintain or achieve your ideal weight.

Fat sauces: bad for your ideal weight!

Choose the right side dishes and sauces

You probably know the question: “With ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard?” Oh, very happy with everything, you will think. But keep in mind that each serving of these sauces increases the total calorie count of your meal and can take you further from your ideal weight than you would like.

In case of doubt, the portion of mayo, however small it may be, is exactly the portion that at the end of the day was the 100 calories too many that lead to creeping plus on the scales and thus away from the ideal weight. If you do without such sauces, you save calories.

The side dish also makes a big difference. Always choose the side dish that is particularly low in fat. Instead of fries, choose boiled potatoes, instead of croquettes mashed potatoes, instead of fried potatoes, choose rice or noodles and make sure that the sauce is served separately with the side dishes so that you can dose it small – or leave it out entirely.

Exercise against cellulite


It should be clear that exercise is also an important component in achieving or maintaining your ideal weight. It doesn’t have to be competitive sport, because just a little more exercise in everyday life increases the basal metabolic rate and thus the amount of calories burned.

You have probably heard the methods to achieve more movement without sport (stairs instead of elevator, bike instead of car, gymnastics instead of couch …), but have you already implemented them? If your ideal weight is important to you, you should start today!

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