You Suffer From Depression Without Even Knowing It?

If nothing fulfills you and you feel listless and sluggish all the time, if your worries and problems are expressed in physical pain, then you may be suffering from depression without even knowing it. 

Are you suffering from depression without even knowing it?

Are you suffering from depression without even knowing it ? Even if it sounds contradictory, this is very often the case, because many are for a long time not aware of their psychological suffering and their negative emotions, which creepily establish a permanent place and can be very destructive.

It is an obvious reality that many psychologists and doctors look in the eye every day as they see patients who actually come to the office for other symptoms.

Muscle pain, bad mood, anger and self-loathing, mood swings and self-loathing are just a few of the clues that indicate that it may be a (hidden) depression.

Affected people know that something is wrong, they are aware  that their lives are not going harmoniously and satisfactorily,  that everything is drifting in exactly the opposite direction and that nothing works as one hoped or expected.

But still life goes on, you let yourself be driven by everyday life, because we have defense mechanisms that enable us to forcibly adapt to the given circumstances.

Emotions are kept secret, bitterness is swallowed, stress, nervousness or fear are often ignored, but over time these negative situations express themselves through various kinds of psychosomatic pain.

It is surprising, but still a fact: a great many people suffer from depression without even  realizing it!

Then we will explain the most important aspects of this very complex situation to you.

Many people develop depression very slowly but progressively without realizing it

Woman suffers from depression without even knowing it

Depression, in most cases, is not triggered by an objective, single event, such as being in a relationship or losing a job.

  • Often people are depressed  who obviously meet almost all the requirements to be happy:  a family, a house, a good job …
  • Psychologists know that feelings of depression grow like weeds in a beautiful garden. At some point the weed gets out of hand and covers everything with thick, ugly and prickly undergrowth.
  • It’s a subtle combination of  dissatisfaction, emotional lethargy, and a feeling of losing control of life. 

You feel that you no longer have time for nice, pleasant activities, because the obligations and responsibilities in everyday life leave no room for other things.

Almost without noticing it  , these negative feelings become normal,  everyday life is cloudy and gray, but this seems to be completely normal. This can become a serious problem.

Most symptoms are not associated with depression

young woman suffers from depression without knowing it

You go to the family doctor because you feel tired and exhausted and can no longer muster the energy to meet the obligations.

  • Your doctor may do a blood test, but the results are good and do not provide any further information about possible symptoms. The doctor recommends improving your diet, taking more vitamins, and getting enough relaxation and rest.
  • After a few months, the next visit to the doctor takes place, because now you are plagued by back pain. The doctor now recommends physiotherapy.
  • But a short time later you suffer from insomnia and nervousness. Now the doctor prescribes benzodiazepines.
  • Eventually, the house type will direct you to a  psychiatrist who will finally make the correct diagnosis: depression. 

In many cases, patients have been depressed for a year or two without knowing it, before the correct diagnosis is finally made. It is a very complex reality that we should pay more attention to.

Depressed people do not accept their condition

The word depression is not scary,  but it meets with rejection from the person concerned and also in society.

  • Many still believe that depression is synonymous with sadness, weakness and failure, as those affected cannot find their way around in life.
  • But this is a big mistake. Every type of depression is an illness that needs to be treated with different therapeutic approaches: Medicines, psychotherapy and the necessary social support are essential.
  • Often times, when someone is diagnosed with depression, they feel as if the world around them has stopped and everything is changing.
  • This problem forces patients to face their inner demons,  to accept and repair the emotional emptiness or a broken heart, to process hidden emotions and to find their way back to life.

At the same time, those affected have to behave as if nothing had happened in order to be able to cope with everyday life. Depression is not easy for anyone, at some point you hit a wall that prevents you from getting any further.

How can you tell if you are suffering from depression?

Woman with a shell has depression without even knowing it

Very many suffer from depression without even realizing it. But how can you recognize this condition? Psychologists orientate themselves on certain key points that make a diagnosis possible.

These include, for example, the following complaints:

  • Insomnia,
  • Apathy,
  • constant mood swings,
  • the feeling that you can do what you want and never get anything good out of it,
  • the feeling of losing control of life.

These are the most common signs of depression. This can lead to serious symptoms that the person is aware of, such as harming themselves or having thoughts of suicide.

The earlier depression is recognized, the  more effectively it can be treated. Get help from a specialist!

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