Your Hands Tell You How Much To Eat

You can measure the amount of food that is recommended daily on your hands.

Your hands tell you how much to eat

The daily amount of food eaten plays an important role in a healthy diet. So today we want to explain to you how you can use your hands as portion knives.

Many people divide the food into precise portions, but sometimes it is not so easy to estimate how much of a food you should actually eat.

Nutritionists generally recommend small amounts, but these should be taken several times a day. Nevertheless, many choose a few, relatively lavish dishes. 

There is a very simple way you can quickly measure the amounts of recommended foods. All you need is your hands as a portion knife .

With this method, you won’t make any more mistakes. Your hands as portion meters determine exactly how much of each food you should eat. 

How can you use your hands as a portion knife?

You know for sure that you can read different character traits or signs of illness on the hands. But these are also very helpful for other purposes.

Today you will learn how to use your hands as a portion knife for the recommended amounts of food.

Read on to learn more about it.

The nutrition “in hand”

Broccoli on the palm

This method for determining the quantities of food was published on the American website  Guard Your Health  .

It is very popular because it makes  a balanced diet easy and you don’t have to resort to miracle diets .

This method relies on the fact that overweight comes from serving too much, using your hands as a portion knife to determine the right amounts.

For example, you shouldn’t eat more meat than the size of the palm of your hand, and the amount of carbohydrates shouldn’t exceed the volume of your  clenched fist.

Most nutritionists agree that this is an interesting way to make it clear  that diet needs to be tailored to each person. 

The volume of a clenched fist

This unit is used when it comes to foods that are high in carbohydrates. Examples are:

  • pasta
  • rice
  • Potatoes
  • loaf

A hand full

Handful of nuts

A handful has been found to be the right amount of the recommended daily fruit.

The palm of your hand from the joint to the beginning of the fingers also tells you how many protein foods (such as lentils) are recommended.

The size of two hands

If you bring both hands together like a bowl, you have the perfect measure for the recommended daily vegetables.

Size of the index and middle fingers

The two fingers together tell you how much  cheese you can eat in a day. 

The size of the foremost phalanx of the thumb

Hands with cookies

The amount that corresponds to this size is recommended by experts on fat and sugar.

Both should only be taken in small amounts during the day.

Other recommendations not to overeat

The hand diet, as this method is also known, is very helpful for quickly measuring the amounts of the recommended foods, but other measures should also be considered.

For example, it is advisable to implement the following tips:

  • Avoid french fries, fast food and ready meals.
  • Observe the recommended quantities on the product description.
  • Eat less sweet things as sugar is addicting.
  • Serve the food in small plates and  eat smaller amounts four to five times a day.
  • Do not allow yourself to be distracted by the television, computer, cell phone or other things while eating.
  • Allow at least 20 minutes for each meal. Dine in a quiet, noise-free place.
  • Eat vegetables with every main meal. The plate should be half filled with different types of vegetables.
  • Do moderate exercise regularly.
  • Drink more water and low-calorie beverages.

As you can see, you can certainly improve a few things in your diet and use your hands as portion knives.

This is not easy at first, but over time the body gets used to the smaller amounts. Fancy starting the hand diet today?

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